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The axiom of creating the perfect species by the imperfect humans. In human biology the combination of
the chromosomes XX determines the female while the combination XY the male. While the X chromosome
is common for both species, what does the Y symbolizes for humanity?
The exhibition YY incarnates the thought-comment on contemporary society in relation to the domination
of the masculine thinking and behavior for both men and women. The dominated by men society is synonymous
with the idea of power, superiority, subjugation, morality, rigid logic and doubt, and ostracizes
the basic human instincts and with them emotion, calmness, pleasure, sensitivity, certainty, leisurely
rhythms, the need to reproduce.
The pronged symbol Y develops in the space by creating a sculptural installation made by two materials
of opposing dynamics. The first one is the common plastic, bone-like in texture. The other is a product
produced by an amalgamation of substances used for the creation of prototype objects.
Short durational videos are projected repeatedly into the space. A nude female figure walks in the air and
occasionally lands noisily on the ground. The sound of falling is complemented by the sound of a voice
counting endlessly random numbers.


epoxy resin, polyurethane, hydraulic v-pipes
video (loop)


/Y-Y/ a.antonopoulou art, Athens, 2004 (solo exhibition)