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By studying the art of the bonsai tree I attempted to fulfill one of my fantasies : to transform “design
furniture” into plant pots.
I adopted the bonsai practice for two main reasons:
The first reason is because the cultivation of a bonsai tree requires limited space.
The second reason is that the procedure of looking after such tree eliminates the ephemeral relationship
between man and contemporary design through the counter active relationship and the personal tie that
develops between the tree and its cultivator.


Description - Technical characteristics
Plant pot n.1
Armchair Pot
What I found interesting straight from the beginning was not the form or the production material but the
idea of a chair (armchair) that follows the way we love to sit to relax or get involved in a social conversation
or simply rest our bodies against a surface.
For this reason I used the measurements of my own body to create a primary shape of a seat fashioned
to fit my own requirements.
The external shape of the armchair pot resembles a pillow. Initially two basic molds were made from a
1,20m x 1,20m pillow. The sitting part of the armchair was molded by weight while sitting. The egg-shape
base was created by the weight of the soil. The armchair rests on the ground by a small surface at the edge
of the egg-shape base. The object remains in an upright position by the low weight center created by the
dense soil that is placed in the internal part of the base. The egg-shape form of the armchair offers the
possibility to those sited to move and rotate towards all directions.


Plant pot n.2
Table Pot
The work Table Pot comprises of a small horizontal surface (working surface) which assists in the care of
the small plant hosted inside it while at the same time it can be used as an autonomous side dinner table,
a table for propping against it objects or carrying out other tasks. The sculptured legs of the table imitate
the natural roots of the tree the same way a bonsai tree imitates nature.


epoxy resin, oven car paint, iron, metal gauze


/Art+Nature/ Environment, Action 08, Villa Kazouli, Athens, 2008
/Everyday Utilitarian Artifact/ ZEON, Athens, 2008
Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2008