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Giorgos Gyparakis creates a paradox mechanism, an unusual seat that produces music whenever some
passerby seat ‘’asymmetrically’’, upsetting the balance of the construction and the material. This allegorical
construction turns into an experiment on the spatial coexistence, the difficulty of ‘’participation’’,
and its dynamics.
The persons seating on this bench have to discover a position that produces music. Gyparakis proposes
a way of use meant for the production of music, but the seat turns into a peculiar means of expression
higlighting the relation of the people seated on it.

Kostis Stafylakis (curator)


wood, pvc, tubes


/Performance Philosophy School of Athens Symposium/ Athens, 2014

/To the Limits of Togetherness / The Symptom Projects Amfissa, Greece, 2012 (Curator: Kostis Stafylakis)

/Off shore project/ produced by Omada Filopappou/ Mani, Greece, 2012


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