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In nature, container and content constitute an organic unity. In artificial environment, this unity is disrupted: container prevails while adding value to content. In technological culture, the packing of any form of cover, simplifying, with its pleasantly constructed appearance, the complexity of the final for consumption product, forms a dangerous delusion. 

A walk through the luxury houses, in one of the wealthiest suburbs of Athens, brings me back the question of the relation between container and content. 

A black satin bag resting next to the public trash bin. Could the glamorous packing of a potential bin bag ease the unpleasant odour of an ongoing decomposition? 


Location: 28 October str, Psychiko, Greece 

Date: 08.06.2014 

Time: 12.00


black satin lining 


curated by Lo and Behold 

/Public Domain/ Milkshake agency, Geneva, 2014.