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The milk from the female breast is the first food that man tastes through human history. Breast milk remained an irreplaceable raw material for feeding the baby until industrial revolution and the first substitute for breast milk, the industrialized cow milk powder, known as a formula. 

The artificial baby milk contains 54 ingredients instead of the 264 ingredients of the human breast milk. The impressive supremacy of the breast milk to the deficient formula, makes any attempt of making a complete substitute a utopian idea. 

The project “Sonic Milk”is a “sound formula”, which consists of the transformation, one by one, the ingredients of the diagram of the breast milk to sound signals. 

(Under the cooperation with the musician and architect, Vasilis Aronidis).



Inspired by the habit of infants to suck their finger as a comforting substitute of breastfeeding, thumb-lollipops are proposed: an antistress snack for busy and nervous adults. 


Caramel cream made from milk formula in the shape of a woman’s breast


print, video (loop) 


curated by Lina Mantikou

#i_antanaklasi_tou_piatou/ Museum of Greek Gastronomy, Athens, 2015


The subject of food has become a dominant preposition within the realm of social media. Sharing images of everyday’s food preparation as well as its aestheticezed presentation have become such a commonality that it would be accurate to talk about a global everyday practice. 

Key concept of this exhibition is that contemporary culture could be read through the reflection that food and its surrounding practices shed upon it. The strong relationships between dietary habits and culture from the prehistoric times up until today highlight the fact that food and its practices are among culture’s most important features. From the point of ‘accidental condition’, to the ancient Greek symposium, to the subjective morality and immorality of the Middle Ages, food eventually became ideology with the industrial revolution, artistic practice within the 80’s, to nowadays merge into technology, advertisement and t.v. shows. 

The exhibition brings together works made by 12 contemporary artists who through their artistic practice explore through the tool “food” the characteristics of our contemporary civilization. 

Within the framework of this cultural condition, they had to work with concepts such as meal, raw material, ingredient, etiquette , etc., and eventually produce a work of art, a commercial object that is going to be sold at the museum’s shop and a recipe, for the museum restaurant’s menu. With this triptych the artists answer to the question: “What do we propose, what do we produce and do we actually consume what we produce?”, a question relevant to all of us within our contemporary world. 

Lina Mantikou (curator)