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We don’t own the land, the land owns us.
The land is our food, our culture, our spirit and identity.
We don’t have boundaries like fences.
We have spiritual connections’’ (Aboriginal quote)

Modern architects see that the cities are “ailing”. They say, that cities exhibit symptoms of a ‘‘moral crisis’’.
In order to suspend the effect of an ailing morality, they adopt the role of the architect-healer and produce
the ‘‘modern medicine’’.
Its composition is : Nature, Light and Mechanistic Order.
Illusion n.1
The horizontal level belongs to nature, the vertical to man.
Illusion n. 2
Buildings must grow like trees, rise admist nature in order to keep it company.
Illusion n. 3
High-rise vertical buildings, in the place of houses with yards, provide mopre area for trees.
Illusion n. 4
The house becomes an extension of the natural landscape, while nature invades the house.
Illusion n. 5
The constant view of the horizon through multiple windows-frames enables a harmonius relationship
between man and nature.
Illusion n. 6
Nature is experienced by being observed as a naturalistic perspective representation on the wall.
Illusion n. 7
Tenants are not passive observers of nature.
Illusion n. 8


Modern Illusion n.1

polystyrene, cement, mirror, plexiglass

curated by Daphne Vitali
/Expanded Ecologies. Perspectives in a time of emergency/, EMST, Athens, 2009


Modern Illusion n.2

Based on Le Corbusier’s Villa de Savoye

pvc, mastic tree, mirror

curated by Panagiotis Tournikiotis, Fanis Kafantaris

/In the name of Le Corbusier/ Spiteri, Proveleggios house, Athens, 2015
Based on Le Corbusier’s Villa de Savoye