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The love affair between East and West viewed by the endless and mutual desire for cultural gathering and exchange.
In Peking a new trainee painter proudly shows off his work - which incidentally is identical with the work
of his teacher - to me, the tourist, the child of copyright. It seems that although in our culture we consider
copying to be a fault or a weakness, Chinese even today do not seek originality. They copy their teachers,
seeking self improvement through technical perfection.
With the same pride, in one of Peking’s major road junctions, sits a lighted sign by the construction site
of a newly built colossal, that advertises the creation of a new world(!) China stopped copying itself and
focused its interest to the West which continues to purposely invest into the habits and spirit of the East.
In Athens I come across the phrase Made in China on the bottom of pseudo-hi-tech trainers, on my mobile
or the shiny surface of the new digital achievements of the Chinese manufacturers.


/Made in China/ Zina Athanassiadi Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, 2006 (solo exhibition)