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The exhibition I have news for you examines the role of nature in the semiotics of theosophical myths and
convictions. It is an anthropocentric reading of the cycle of life through the perpetual transition of winter
and summer. During their transition the apparent opposing natural forces create an infinite world that is
self-regulatory, and by transforming into a variety of phases, create a harmony of contrasts.
With the intentional allegorical reproduction-imitation, and as a dominant motif the structure and the operations
of the tree, along with the use of multiple material and raw materials such as iron, copper, soil,
light-darkness, water, the sacred function of the life-force Nature is transfused to everyday objects.
The “unaffected” function of the tree comes into a contrast with the “affected” human. The installation
develops into three basic spaces. In two rooms facing each other, Earth is reflected to rest and to be in
vigilance, respectively. In the center space, life is reborn, while the sound signifying that, is transmitted
like a vital rhythm through water.
Forty nine drums greet forty nine water drops falling from nozzles specially installed on the roof. The
group of drums creates a vague rhythm, a throbbing melody. The drums, divided into groups of 7 and connected
via tree-like piping, with 7 flower-shaped helmets, create 7 different rhythms in the 7 passages of
the exhibition.
Additionally an installation from a wire motor and light gives the impression that the clouds are moving


copper wire, iron rod, sheet iron, building wire, silk cotton, sand, stones, aluminium foil, light


/I have news for you.../ Medoussa+1 Art Gallery, Athens, 1995 (solo exhibition)