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G-string Chair
Τhe work ‘‘G-string Chair’’, as given away by his own title, utilises the “anatomical” design of this type of
ladie’s undergarment.
This low seat, the back of which forms a ‘‘ T- back”, invites the viewers to sit on it exposing their very own
(string). Holding the phallus-shaped handle, people can sit on or sit up and rest between the strings of
the chair.
Observing the visual representation of woman’s reproductive system the pattern of a g-string appears (!)
This type of underware trend intended to be worn so as to be exposed over the top of the trousers, can be
seen as a modern practice of provoking erotic anxiety, a way of exciting the animal instinct of reproduction
as well as the biological need of maternity.


A mythical, surreal representation of fertilization giving a leading role in men’s sports accessories.


epoxy resin, iron


ART-ATHINA, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, 2009
/DESIGN 2009/Spiti tis Kyprou, Athens, 2009