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Intervention space: Metropolitan temple of Saint George in Venice, Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine
The installation forms to a route that starts from the ground floor and finishes at the first room on the top
The work is a symbolic parallel of the theological myth of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary and the announcement
of a new life that takes place every year in Nature. It is about the parthenogenesis, the planting
of the seed, the life-force of water and fire, death, incarnation of a new life through successive transformations.
At the entrance of the space a copper boiler-bulb boils water perfumed with rose oil. The steam goes
through an upright copper pipe that reaches the top floor of the building. The pipe in its path acquires
spikes and thorns concluding to a broken copper branch at the end of which there is copper rose. The
rose, that floats in the empty space in front of Christ’s icon works as a cooling devise that liquefies part of
the perfumed steam.
From the rose a small water-drop falls on to a stretched membrane of a small drum, out of which a small
rubber pipe comes out carrying the sound and reinforcing it through a trumpet. At the room of the top floor
there is a dress, knitted by metal branches. It is the Earth’s dress and on top there is a small cloud. Next
to the dress lays the trumpet that plays a pulsating, recurrent beat. The water transforms into a sound
declaring the joyful message of new life.


curated by Maria Maragou
/ELYTRON/  XLVI Venice Biennale, Venice, 1995
Sculpture Triennale, Osaka Japan, 1995