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The project Baghdad Battery, exhibited in a school classroom, is the result of a long research carried out
on the internet, a ‘‘reportage’’ that ‘‘exposes’’ successive historical concurrences and ironic facts about the
recent war in Iraq.
A two dimensional image of 4 avatars delivering news is projected on the elongated surface of a school
blackboard. The visitor in the space can choose to listen to each story simply by clicking on the avatars. The
user-spectator from afar can have the same navigation experience at the web page that hosts the work.
In the exhibition space, a body of tightly wrapped wires, developing in a tree-like formation, connects 210
plastic, vinegar bottles to 30 LED lights. The vinegar bottles are connected in such a way as to create the
necessary watts and amber to power the LED lights.
This work is based on the reconstruction of the ancient Bagdad battery using contemporary ready-make
materials suitable for producing electricity.


animated talking characters
text to speech synthesis «Ekfonitis»-ILSP
copper wire, plastic vinegar bottles, LED lights


curated by Nandia Argyropoulou
/What remains is future/ Old Arsakion School, Patra, 2006 (Patra Cultural Capital of Europe)